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Collision Avoidance System


The Collision avoidance System is an RFID solution that warns forklift operators when two forklifts are between 3 and 25 m from each other

For this, each forklift is equipped with an activator to detect one and the other.
When a forklift detects another truck in the secure area, this warns the driver of each forklift of the possible risk of collision.


Use features

•    Detection of pedestrians in the forklift’s proximity.
•    Easy implementation by local distributor or installer
•    Durable and robust system’s components
•    Applicable to all types of industrial vehicles.

Kit contents per vehicule

•     1 RFID Activator
•    2 Detection Antennas
•    1 test tag + tag verification
•    1 Driver inhibition
•    1 personal tag

Areas Aplication

•   Loading and unloading zones.
•   Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts
•   Areas with high forklift traffic