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Electromagnetic wave safety system




Proxipi technology is based on the mastery of an encoded magnetic field. This low intensity magnetic field creates a bubble capable of detecting all stationary or mobile objet.





This technology presents a new level of performance in detection equipment in terms of :

•    The PROXIPI antenna generates the magnetic field bubble around the forklift.
•    The pedestrian to be protected is equipped with an electronic PROXIPI tag
•    The electronic marker and the bubble make contact: detection becomes ACTIVE.
•    Each agent is simultaneously alerted.


Upon detection, the PROXIPI systems send signals or actions of various kinds:
• Bidirectional alerts (audible, visual, vibration)
• Possible Interactions on different trucks or machines
• Control of external functions

Each system is flexible and configurable.



In supply chain environment, coactivity between vehicles and pedestrians create some situations with serious injury and sometimes deadly.
Our solutions help to effectively prevent the risk of collision or crushing. They also permit to interact with forklifts or external equipment in order to reinforce the pedestrian security without affecting your productivity.

Civil Engineering

Our solutions help to effectively prevent the risk of collision, tear, crushing… on different types of construction site. They also allow access control to enhance security on your closed sites.


For any specific need in your business, we offer you an R & D department to support the development of your own security solutions Dynamic