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Self Fire Extenguisher


Too often fires start in isolated places or on machinery.

With our OPSYFEU solution, you can protect an isolated room, a boat, a civil engineering machine, an agricultural machine, a truck ....




Our solution OPSYFEU is a new self fire extinguisher that requires no maintenance.
He fights the fire alone in a few seconds indoors or outdoors.



OPSYFEU is a new and effective way to fight fires. It is easy to use, lightweight and compact.

OPSYFEU has a special feature: it automatically starts to operate when it comes into contact with open fire and then fights the seat of a fire within a few seconds. The plastic container is filled with a harmless fire extinguishing fluid and activation (powder) material, on which a quick fuse is fitted.

As soon as the fuse comes into contact with open fire, the container splits open. During a short moment all oxygen in and around the seat of the fire is removed, as a result of which the fire is fought immediately.

The fire extinguishing fluid that has been atomised into water vapour cools down the heat source, while the added delaying substances reduce the chance that the seat of a fire will be ignited again to a minimum. All this only takes a few seconds. The plastic residuals that remain after use can be collected easily and can be fully recycled.

Our solutions are available in 1.6 Kg/ 5.6 Kg


Any start of fire will be stopped immediately.
With OPSYFEU the damage and consequence are reduced.


- Electical Room, Domestic Room ( gas cylinder, boiler room etc...), workshop
 -Forklift, Civel enginerring machine, agricultural machine
- Camper, caravan, cars
- Boat etc...